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released 03 May 2011

Keats - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Greg - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jay - Drums
- Recorded at The Basement by Jesse Gimbel
- Mixed at Skylight Studios by Vince Ratti
- Mastered at Masterdisk by Graham Goldman
- Vocal Pre-Production by Robert Meadows



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Track Name: Bastard Heart

his youthful eyes
hopeful & bright
block out the anguish
from the old man’s vengeful bite

building his fortress
one scarred brick at a time
crawlspaces, trap doors,
to escape from the lies

revenge is never enough
for a bastard heart, broken and bruised
revenge is never enough
find someone else to abuse

consume the wreckage with a blinding rage
a lifetime of damage forced to stay in a cage

self-righteous tortured soul
reign down like the sparks of hell
when the light shines on the truth
it’ll be too late

this is it…you’ve been found out

crawl away…
like wounded prey…
here comes the reckoning

your flesh and blood
are all I take away
won’t be your clone
you will not take from me
Track Name: Lie Down with Wolves

shape-shifting breath of vicious black lungs
keepers of moonlit poison tears
take what they want to feed their lust
if you let them in-they’ll know your fears

lie down,
play dead
the beasts are in your bed

seductive creatures of the night
tooth and claw tear flesh from bone
with twisted tongues they tell you lies
possess your body-take your soul

lie down,
play dead
the beasts are in your head

with skeletal remains
they’ll have their way
in their domain

cover your eyes
guard from their lies
lie down with wolves
lie down with wolves

lie down…
and die
Track Name: Cauldron Overthrown / Cities of Lead

blood of our cities
sucked though our feet
down into a river
of deception and greed

fraudulent king-makers
dealing in death
their secrets protected
by walls of lead

we hold in our hands

for everything good-
was once new.
we’re left to seek the truth

oil and wine
high on the swine
conquer, divide
they’ll bury us alive

carvings of stone
guard clandestine empires
thoughts are imposed
no more thinking

For everything good…
Track Name: The Last Time

my hands…tremble
my veins…ache like the rain
the bait and switch
of compulsive itch
waiting for you to take me away

across the room I see your face
the gray of your eyes reflecting the shame

it’s only one time
it’s only this time
just this one time
won’t you let me escape
for the last time

the oncoming shadows
beckon to play
the angels of sleeping
will pull me away

the eye of the needle
tempest of time
on through the darkness
gone now
no more waking
fade into the light

the life that you had
gone somewhere else
mortal shell
put into the ground

thoughts of what was
all that is left
no more breathing
no more flesh